DUST Dan on Heavy Metal Wanaka

Welcome to the Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast

 Today I have Dan, guitarist from Dunedin band, Dust, talking all about his background, what Dust are up to and more!
Beyond Flesh by Dust

Dust consists of vocalist Tom Latta, Dan Ferguson & Steven Edwards on guitar, Nesh Pharmar on bass and a yet to be announce drummer- so keep an eye out!

 Make sure to keep an ear out for how the upcoming album is along, but the band has previously released, 'Beyond Flesh' to a mammoth NZ wide tour in 2016, and an E.P, 'Godskin' in 2015.

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The Heavy Metal Wanaka Show: 100% Kiwi Metal special

Welcome to the Heavy Metal Wanaka Show for our 100% Kiwi Metal in May special.

 Please check out our Mixcloud player at to take full advantage of all the music We feature an abridged version of my chat with Riccardo from Just One Fix (Auckland Thrash Metal Band) showcase NZ with a 100% Kiwi Metal show, AND debut a new logo / art.

 Link to stand alone Just One Fix interview:

ARC OF ASCENT- Set the Planets Free
DUST- (Her) Dead Eyes Still Stare
** INTERVIEW with Riccardo from JUST ONE FIX**
JUST ONE FIX- Death in the Family
ABSTRACT SURVIVAL- Falsified Prophets
ORGANECTOMY- Beckoning the Horror of the Depths
SILENT TORTURE- Torn to Pieces
THY ASSASSIN- A World left behind

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JUST ONE FIX Riccardo on The Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast


Today we have Riccardo Ball, vocalist for Auckland Thrash Metal band, Just One Fix, talking about the release of their brand new single 'DEATH IN THE FAMILY'.

You can check it out via reverbnation:  or through the bandcamp player below:-
Death In The Family by Just One Fix

The band were particularly active during my spell on radio, in the late 2000's, early '10s, with three albums released to date; The Price of Sellvation (2007), Blood Horizon (2010), Let them Hate... So long as they Fear (2014).

Alongside Riccardo, there's founding member & guitarist Sharne Scarborough, Ant Ward is back on Bass, and relative new comer Warren Kelly on Drums. Their sound is a Thrash Metal rapid-fire, pounding percussion, precision guitars and growling vocals.

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HMW News for May

Coming soon on Heavy Metal Wanaka!

Before the end of May 2017, I will be posting my 100% Kiwi Metal show, (as is customary for NZ Music month ;p) which will feature an interview with Riccardo Ball, the front man for Auckland Thrash Metal band Just One Fix !! AND IF that wasn't enough, I will also be debuting the brand new logo for the show (teaser below)

So that's:
100% Kiwi Metal show.Interview with Just One Fix ( \m/ Akld Thrash)Brand new show art!! Also, I'm working towards making the show a regular feature and am keen to feature more local talent, so if you have any song or interview requests or would like your band to feature, let us know via facebook or email etc etc ( )

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THE FACELESS Michael Keene on The Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast

Welcome to the Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast .
**Not The Faceless were unable to make shows in Australia and New Zealand.**
Today I have my interview with Michael Keene from The Faceless, talking all about their upcoming New Zealand and Australian tour during May 2017, as well as mention of their new album and as a special treat- Michael, with his expertise both behind the recording console and on the stage weighs in on the recent Suicide Silence backlash.

Regarding touring NZ again for the first time since 2009: "... it was a gorgeous experience & we got driven down to Piha Beach ... and all around it was a great time..."
Regarding setlist (for concert goers): "... definitely be playing a little bit of everything, probably not much from the very first record, maybe a song... but from there on forward there will be a strong mix of everything... we'll be playing probably two new songs off of the new record..." Regarding new album: "... it's mixed and…